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November 2015

"I've heard nothing but wonderful things from the participants. My committee members have already started talking about having you back for next year." - Educational Director, APIC, Washington DC

"Thank you for the wonderful job you did. You got high scores across the board. Everybody loved you. This was a wonderful retreat and everyone was very happy." - Education Project Manager, MGMA, Denver Colorado

"...you have the keen ability to read people which enhances the presenters' learning experience and your calm demeanor is so reassuring - as a presenter, I felt a level of trust that allowed me to open up. - Manager, Curriculum Delivery, Institute of Real Estate Management

"I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous class. It exceeded my expectations and I plan on using many of tips you taught on an upcoming presentation at a Nursing Informatics conference." - MSN, RN, College of American Pathologists

In all of the workshops I've ever had, you were the FIRST who really broke down the necessary components to making effective presentations. Thank you so much!" - West America Mortgage Company

Thanks again for your expertise on Navigating the Business Social Event. The fact that your presentations are interactive and provide concrete tips set you apart as an excellent speaker! - Samantha Breeden, Program Chair, Arlington Heights Professional Women's Council

You helped the National Association for Down Syndrome parent trainees begin on their journey to public speaking. You interacted beautifully with the audience. - Linda Smarto, Program Coordinator, National Association for Down Syndrome

My team is so grateful for "Fearless Facilitation" and is using chapters of your book as a discussion item at department meetings. You really made a significant impact on our work. - Beth Glaister, Director, Professional Development -Prevention First

Thank you very much for a wonderful workshop. The feedback from others was over the top. You created a warm, fun, safe environment in which we all felt comfortable to experiment. Cyndi, you've got a rare talent! - Jenifer C Simson | Managing Partner | Quantum Insights, LLC

You really were spectacular and one of the best programs we've had, which is saying a lot because we've had some really terrific programs. I would absolutely highly recommend you to any group looking for a dynamic speaker. - Jessica Gardner, Team Leader, Mary Kay Cosmetics

Many thanks for your presentation "Speak UP and Stand OUT: Finding Your Influential Voice." Feedback from participants was: "Re-energizing, engaging, fun, informative, educational, excellent, thought-provoking" - Norma Kaplan CCASTD President

Wow - I learned so much and freshened my presentation toolbox. My goal was to take away one key action item and I did: I now have a new way of thinking about how to position and present myself to new clients. - Ruthie Feinstein, Qualitative Research & Brand Strategy Consulting

Thanks again, Cyndi, for a great program. You made the whole process so easy and I've received nothing but excellent feedback". - Steve Collard, President, Healthcare Financial Management Association - Eastern Michigan Chapter

"I have had a lot of great feedback about the class and your style. The consortium members enjoyed the day and learned so much. " - Diane, Consortium Director, BJC Healthcare, St. Louis, MO

Thanks again for conducting such an effective workshop last Saturday at Loyola. There was definitely a lot of learning going on. You also modeled so well all that you were trying to teach us." - Catherine B. Marquis, J.D, Director, Planned Giving, Illinois Institute of Technology

"I had to take the time to tell you what an amazing experience this past Saturday was. I learned so many pointers that will help in my professional as well as personal communication. It was well worth every penny spent." - Tonie Golden

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August 26th, 2015 Posted in: Work and Life

This August there’s a new home going up across the street – a perfectly sided and roofed urban mansion with no front porch.
Five years ago Rory’s house stood in its place – an aging turn of the century foursquare with several green wooden Irish shamrocks permanently affixed to the front. It was a hot, hot August that year and often Rory sat on the front steps with his also ethel_holsbrookaging Dad.
New to the neighborhood, I simply waved “Hello!” to these two from across the street; neighbors told me that their large Irish family had inhabited the home for decades; they were the remaining two.
I was immersed in moving in and getting used to my new home. One of the 90+ degree-days, I was gathering some garden tools from the latticed storage area under the back porch when, “Click, ” the door to the under-the-porch area shut and latched closed on the outside. Reaching through the lattice to open it, I soon found that I couldn’t reach the latch from the inside, even with a garden tool.
What to do? It was so hot. I began to yell. At first I just yelled, “Help! Help!” It was embarrassing but I had to try. Then I yelled “Help, Neighbor Help!” “Help, Neighbor, help! “ a little louder. I was getting more distressed when suddenly I heard a male voice, “Where are you?”
“Back here under the porch!” I said.
Then I was looking through the lattice at khaki pants, immediately hearing the latch unlock and a nice looking guy in his 40’s rather shyly explaining, “I live across the street. We were sitting on the porch and I heard you call Help.”
“Thank you, thank you. I’m getting used to things here and the latch locked so quickly…and your name?”
“Rory. I live across the street.”
“Thank you so much Rory for helping me.”
“No problem” he said and rejoined his Dad on the steps. He said their air conditioning wasn’t working that day.
Later I learned Rory worked as a bar back and short order cook at a nearby tavern. I often waved to him as he walked to his job.
Five years have passed quickly, and sadly, both Rory and his father have passed away. Their old house was torn down and the new mansion is moving in. I wonder if this is progress.
I have a theory very simply called, “Ya never know.” This is an all-encompassing philosophy that any one person or situation may affect us positively in the future – though we are not aware of the potential at the time. This is why we should greet, respond, help and notice others we come across in life. We should be slow to judge and quick to understand. We should appreciate before we assume.
I miss the shamrocks.

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