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Show up and Speak Up! How to Manage Holiday Mingling

As the  e-vites arrive and the company holiday party flyers go up, you may be thinking, “Yikes!” Most people find holiday mingling challenging, yet now is the absolute best time to Show up and Speak Up!  May I suggest a few tips?

1. Go to everything. If you don’t go to everything, how will you know who you missed? I call this the “Ya Never Know” theory. Sometimes the smallest gatherings reap the most benefits – the church coffee hour, the neighborhood cookie exchange, or the brunch with old high school friends who are back in town.

2. Wear what you feel great in. Wear the same thing to all events if you want. If different people will be there, who cares? Professional speakers have a few great jackets that travel the country; if you’ve got one great turtleneck, shirt or blouse that inspires your outgoing self, wear it.

3. To begin mingling, ask “How was your day?” rather than, “How are you?” as this question will get you to specfics more quickly. Next, ask about where the person works, or their project or family or whatever clues you pick up in their answer.

Holiday mingling is THE BEST FREE WAY TO NETWORK AND CONNECT. This is the season of light. Let yours shine!

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