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Snow Women

My first experience snowshoeing was two years ago with a wonderful group of athletic, middle-aged and older women in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. After a day with them, their wisdom and life views impressed me so that I wrote a poem. Now two years later, with the introduction of our new book for women, Speak Up!, it seems a fitting time to brush off the “Snow Women” again. Please enjoy their advice and send yours.

( Dedicated to the Women’s Book Group of Steamboat Springs,
Colorado – February 2007)

Snowshoes make a track that is steady and firm in the deep snow.
The mountain accepts the tracks as it was built to do.
And so the tracks bear the weight of women – snow women.

And the shoes bear the weight of the wisdom of the women who wear them.

Live for today because you never know what tomorrow brings.

Each step is sure but the path is not. The mountain knows no trail
here. As is the mountain, so life is improvised.

Throw things away. Don’t make a big project out of
everything. Simplify.

Step simply. The mountain shows how. Sagebrush and snow is all it
offers today.

Change is constant. Be healthy. You will care for the young and
the old.

And step and step again. The wise women bear the care of others.
There are babies and the young and the dying. The women breathe
in and out and step on.

Do things. Don’t save money. Experiences are more meaningful
than things.

Connect the steps. The line in the snow breaks apart. Groups of
women talk and laugh. The air is not still now – doctors, educators,
writers, athletes, mothers, daughters, poets, artists – make one line in
the snow.

Do it now while you can. Physically you will age. Do it now.

Step in rhythm. Again and again. Some lead. Some follow. Many are
in the middle. Step. Step. Step. Step.

Accept your limitations and be OK with them.

Step with caution. The leaders look back to see. Some sticks rise up
in the snow. Women guard women. There are the holes, the pitfalls to
be cautioned. Watch out for each other.

You have to close one door before the other door opens.

Step sure into the snow. Why look back? The snow is clean and
unmarked ahead.

Don’t spend time with those you don’t want to. Get toxic people
out of your life.

Step with friends. The mountain accepts friends who share its beauty.
The magpie flies over friends – a free and happy partner in the air.

Enjoy each day to the fullest and don’t put things off.

Step anyway. The snow is wet and not so deep this year. The
mountain offers it today. The women walk today.

Take time to understand the new generation.

Step with vigor. The women are young…in spirit…at heart…and will
listen to the young around them.

Manage your time. Nobody said you have to work twelve hours a

Step in time. Take your time, the mountain says. It is large and
unending. The women choose how far to walk and when to stop and
when to turn around.

Use it or lose it.

Step now. The women take the time today to walk. They leave the
busy life in town or work or home where others call and claim. They
breathe in and out. The air is fresh and cold and clean.

Take time out for yourself every single day or you’ll feel sorry
for yourself.

Step in the moment. Step and think. Step and talk. Step and thank.
The women take the time this day together.

Live on a lot less.

Step simply. The mountain asks for little. A full life asks for little.

Snowshoes make a track that is steady and firm in the deep snow.
The women return to the mountain home. The tracks will disappear
with the next snow. The wisdom of the women lives on.

Cyndi Maxey
Chicago, IL
February 18, 2007

  1. Cyndi Maxey
    Cyndi Maxey

    Thank you Karen, and yes, please reprint on the mortgage girls blog. This is meant for great women like the mortgage girls! Cyndi

  2. Avatar
    Karen Deis

    Cyndi – Insprirational – could I get your permission to reprint on the mortgage girlfriends blog page? I’m sure they would enjoy too:)

  3. Cyndi Maxey
    Cyndi Maxey

    Thanks Judy for your comments and good wishes and for commenting on my blog. I also like what the Snow Women taught me the day I spent snowshoeing with them. I renovated their words in honor of women everywhere. Thanks for keeping us all healthy! Cyndi

  4. Avatar

    Hi Cyndi,

    How are you? I hope all is well.

    I found your book on our book shelf today, (congratulations on it’s launch). I was skimming through it and really liked what I saw. I look forward to reading the rest.

    Judy Manisco, LDN
    JEM Nutrition Services
    ( Steve Harker’s Wife)

    PS Steve say’s “hello”.

  5. Cyndi Maxey
    Cyndi Maxey

    Thanks Leslie for your very thoughtful addition. Well put. Cyndi

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    Leslie Petersen

    It’s wonderful. Here’s another one.


    Don’t look back, forgive yourself wrong steps, we all make them. Live with the consequences, but alway step ahead. Step ahead and be the confident woman you are.

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