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Life’s Salvageables

Last weekend we held an Estate sale that emptied my childhood home of all its worldly goods.  As I watched strangers sort among the unwanted items Dad (and we) had left behind, notably –

-Incomplete sets of drinking glasses

-A mustache-cup  

-An old blender

-An older waffle iron

-Too many short-sleeved shirts – out of style long ago

-Faded sheets and towels – kept too long

-A glass punch bowl, cups and dipper – barely used ever…

…I hoped we made the right decision – what to keep and what to sell. It made me think. What are life’s salvageables? What are the things we take with us, no matter what? I thought of ours – the ones my family carefully packed far from the crowd:

       Dad’s 1930’s high school yearbooks – all four

       Three of Grandpa’s pocket watches – all broken

       Too many of Grandma’s doilies  – hand crocheted

       An ancient yard croquet set  – from summer in the ‘60’s

       Mom’s little kitchen table – the leaves folded down

These were the things of memories. And so to you and me and all of us – as we face life’s stresses today – may we remember that today we have a chance to create the most important of life’s salvageables – lasting memories…for tomorrow.

What would yours be?

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    Christy Sanders

    Luckily our mind is an internal camera that can save important snapshots for us, as long as we stop and smell the roses long enough to allow it to sink in. We live where there are alot of tornadoes, so I’m always thinking about the mementos that I couldn’t bear to part with, and have boxed those things up in the basement. Old diaries, pictures, videos, and personalized books I had my dad and grandmother complete for me are among the collection. A tiara my son gave me when he was 4 is also included. I couldn’t bear to part with this special gift from my precious son, who still thinks his mom is a princess!

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    Rob Maxey

    The videos of our children from 18 years ago. Wow, we were a nutty family.
    My mom’s recipe cards. mmmh, those were good times.
    My camera collection showing how my ancestors recorded their present and our past.
    Still shots of soccer games showing no matter how cold or hot I was, the fun that my son and daughter were having.
    Any art project of my daughter’s.
    My dog’s cold nose coming thru my newspaper as I try to drink my morning coffee in my favorite chair.

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    Maurita Ellis

    I would remember things like watching the sun set. Watching it rise. Noticing the trees and flowers budding in Spring. Remembering crazy insane things that my children did during their baby and toddler years. I would think back on how my husband and I would walk, and walk, and walk, and walk, for miles, enjoying the sites and sounds of the city. Window shopping. Going to museums and concerts. Just hanging out.

    I remember fighting with the rabbits last year over my plants, and I lost. I came home from work that day and there were 13 of them, laid out across my backyard. They were so full, they couldn’t move. At first I was angry, then I just laughed. And laughed. And laughed.

    That is what we have to do. Stop and just think about something from our past that just made us so happy. Remember:

    This too shall pass!!

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