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Gift to Self: Stop, Look and Listen!

In 2009 we’ve seen social media and digital communication grab a larger piece of our world.  In this busy, distracting season of all sorts of celebrations, here’s a reminder of what we all can continue to learn when we stop, look, and listen to the world around us…in spite of everything.  (Any resemblance to “Joy to the World” is purely… well…intentional (!) PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO SOMEONE WHO NEEDS A GIFT!

Look out at the world

And you will see

A number of surprising things!

A boss who probably works too hard

An aunt who would enjoy a card

And children who like to sing

And a partner who’d like some “zing”

And coworkers, neighbors too, who await your ring.

Listen to the world

And you will hear

A number of surprising things!

The water cooler news is  – you (!)

The question from your kid is cool

And your direct report really is dear

And your leader has led without fear

And relatives, and your pets too would like your ear.

When you Stop and Sense the world

You give yourself a gift

Of a number of surprising things!

The people all around prevail

There is still a place for written mail

And memories coincide

With the turbulence of today’s tide

And caring, loving, supporting friends are at your side.

©2009 Cyndi Maxey

What verse or line would you add? Your feedback is always welcome.

  1. Cyndi Maxey
    Cyndi Maxey

    Thanks Cathy for your response. I am glad your friend will benefit…and you!

  2. Avatar

    Cyndi – That is beautiful. WHat talent you have. I am going to write a note to someone that I have been meaning to for awhile. THanks for the inspiration.

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