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Free Holiday Gift Ideas: Stop Look & Listen

Dear Reader; In honor of the 2010 holiday season we launch this weekly blog of uniquely FREE gift ideas… Gifts you give OF yourself and TO yourself…when you stop, look and listen. Joy to the World…and joy to you and me!

Cyndi Maxey & Kevin E. O’Connor

Look out at the world

And you will see

A number of surprising things!

A boss who probably works too hard

An aunt who would enjoy a card

How many of us have had an employer whom we rarely thank for the opportunity of working with them? Many employers will thank you at this time of year with parties or bonuses or simple cards; many will do nothing. For some, it’s simply business as usual. The reality of being a boss today is being over-committed, over-worked and stressed by budget and time constraints.

So what can you do for the boss who works too hard? What today’s boss wants and needs is commitment, initiative, and appreciation. These are all essentially FREE GIFTS on your part.

Little things that make the boss happy:

Take a moment to encourage your boss. Mention a specific activity the boss took on that motivated you and why. Provide her with a special report or research that takes initiative in an area that means a lot to the success of your department or organization. Show your appreciation with a brief, hand-written card; in fact it need not be a holiday card but a note thanking him for leading the good work you have done, a project you completed or a difficult time you got through together.

And how many of us have a relative we have “lost” over the past months or year? One thing we all have in common is family. The family we bring with us through life so often takes second place to other priorities.

Make a list of three or four aunts, uncles, cousins, or siblings and send them a surprise…a caring note or small handiwork such as a poem, a story from you!  Share stories from your heritage or childhood with them that they may not know you’ve carried with you.  Tell them something they’ve taught you that you’ve put to good use.

The point is for all of us to think, remember and do these things that we could do at any time of the year and most especially at this time of the year.

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Look out at the world

And you will see

A number of surprising things!

A boss who probably works too hard

An aunt who would enjoy a card

And children who like to sing

And a partner who’d like some “zing”.

And coworkers, neighbors too, who await your ring.

Listen to the world

And you will hear

A number of surprising things!

The water cooler news is  – you (!)

The question from your kid is cool

And your direct report really is dear

And your leader has led without fear

And relatives, and your pets too would like your ear.

When you Stop and Sense the world

You give yourself a gift

Of a number of surprising things!

The people all around prevail

There is still a place for written mail

And memories coincide

With the turbulence of today’s tide

And caring, loving, supporting friends are at your side.

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