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Last minute FREE HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS…part 4…inspired by “Joy to the World” from Cyndi Maxey & Kevin E. O’Connor

…And your direct report really is dear

…And your leader has led without fear

To all who are VP’s, Chiefs, managers, supervisors, and front line leaders:  Amidst the bustle of year-end deadlines and vacation plans, don’t forget to thank your team! One savvy manager we work with just surprised his team with a new email newsletter citing their good work and using their names and dates to remind them.

AND LIKEWISE…To all who are direct reports and volunteers: There is no better time to thank a leader you know – someone at work or a volunteer you admire. Leadership is never easy, often unrecognized, and sometimes difficult to define. Let a leader in your life know specifically what you admire about them.

Cyndi’s friend, Pastor Joey Watt, sent us a great book called Try Giving Yourself Away by David Dunn. Written in 1947, its treatment of 100 simple things that you can do to make your life and others’ happier still works today.  A snippet from author Dunn:  “When some people express their appreciation it seems to have a special quality which I have come to think of as depth. At first I thought depth was a matter of sincerity or warmth. But the more I studied the most successful appreciators, I saw clearly what it was: their appreciation was always specific.”

So what specific appreciation can you give to another? Here are a few ideas: how much you liked a phrase from one of their great handwritten letters, a specific reminder of their ability to ease conflict in the face of difficult clients, or a memory of specific happy moments of a fundraiser event.

The CEO and the C-Suite are often the first to know the complaints and problems and the last to know how pleased people are.  Since most of us are NOT in the C-Suite, what we can do is send messages UP…through our actions and initiative…to let them know we are behind the plan.

…And relatives, and your pets too, would like your ear

Yes, the traditional paper Christmas and holiday card is slowly on the wane but there are many other ways to let those people and pets dear to you know you’re listening and thinking of them. Your pet most appreciates your attention… or more time being petted and walked…both FREE! How about doubling the attention you normally pay to that pet that you sometimes forget is around? And to those relatives you know you have been lax on reaching…how about one post card a week for the next three weeks? Or a Facebook “Hello” right now?

Stay tuned for even more FREE gift ideas next week! As always your feedback is appreciated.

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