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In this, our concluding stanza of FREE HOLIDAY gift suggestions, may you be inspired to STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN to and with the people who prevail in your life. Best wishes for a wonderful NEW YEAR from Cyndi Maxey and Kevin E. O’Connor.

When you Stop and Sense the world

You give yourself a gift

Of a number of surprising things!

…The people all around prevail

…There is still a place for written mail

…And memories coincide

With the turbulence of today’s tide

And caring, loving, supporting friends are at your side.

In our combined 60+ years consulting and teaching in the field of communication – one thing stands clear – the importance of the relationships we begin, build, and maintain in our life and work. Managers, volunteers, front line workers, physicians, IT specialists, project managers, teachers, sales people – all bloom and grow via healthy relationships. And the traditional vacation days that coincide with year-end holidays provide a gift to us all…the gift of special time to stop, look and listen – to appreciate those with whom we work.

The New Year provides a great natural excuse to do or say something special for the person in the cubicle next to you, the receptionist who greets you every day, or the lunch counter clerk who makes your change.

And as we spend time with our families this season, or perhaps without them, we are reminded of the precious connections and traditions that are the legacy we all can live and share.  If you haven’t yet shared a fond memory with a family member, send a short note to the child, aunt, or grandparent you forgot to call in the hustle-bustle of December. Copy an old photo and enclose it or enclose a “coupon” for your services this year – hugs, notes, phone calls, listening ears, back rubs, or cleaning.  Most important, let the people around you know you’re at their side.

BEST WISHES FOR PEACE AND JOY IN 2011! As always your comments are welcome.

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