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Quiz: Do YOU need a Blackberry Patch?

Recently I was coaching a talented young executive on how to better navigate the bogs and brambles of a conservative, highly technical, very large organization. In particular, we were discussing how to make the most of meetings which were either (1) teleconferences involving too many people – all multitasking with their phones and computers or (2) face to face meetings which were also challenged by continual Blackberry and I-phone use by attendees. In either case, it’s hard for a presenter  to make eye contact –  let alone make an impression!

When I asked her what percentage of people were texting and emailing in face to face meetings she said, “MOST!  – INCLUDING ME!”  We discussed how impolite this is, even when everyone is doing it. In frustration she quipped, “It’s such a habit…so addictive…maybe I need a “Blackberry Patch” to wear on my arm!  Just like a Nicotine Patch!” With credit due to my clever executive, here’s a quick quiz to see if you too are addicted enough to need a patch:

1. Do you text before you get out of bed in the morning? Before you turn off the light at night?

2. Do you check your in-box more than you check your watch?

3. Do you have not the slightest clue what went on at the last meeting?

4. Do you spell in text language when you write formal letters?

5. Have you forgotten how to spell?

6. Have you forgotten how to respond to others using head nods and eye contact?

If you have answered “yes” to all of these, try designing your own “patch” of willpower to wear on your arm.  Life is so filled with opportunities to communicate with self and others in the real time of the day, week, month, and year.  Technology is a great supporter…but if you can’t live and love life without it, you’re addicted.

As always your feedback is welcomed.  Cyndi

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