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I Love Myself Unconditionally

Summer is the time of garage sales  throughout America, and I am one of those who can’t help perusing other people’s stuff. This year I  tried to be a discerning shopper, happy to return home from our local neighborhood event with only a barbecue utensil set and a shrimp devein tool. Since I have never cooked shrimp this item is under question, certainly.

The day after the neighborhood sale,  the alleys were encumbered with various items which did not sell even at end of day cut rates. As I strolled through the alley near us after a morning jog, my eyes caught an unusual item: a post it note stuck to the top of a small three-drawer dresser. On closer look the little dresser was somewhat but not terribly worn, a bit warped on the top, and, upon a tug, doors that stuck just a bit. All in all it was a serviceable item, and I remembered seeing it with a $20.00 price tag the day before.  Then I read the post it note, hastily written in ink, and stuck on the top of the chest by the previous owner, ” I love myself unconditionally,” the note said. And I smiled and picked up the chest and carried it to my garage. Surely someone in my family would find a use for an item so cared for.

I couldn’t help but thinking of the note and the chest and the warmth of the note the rest of the day. And so my wish to you and me and all of us is to mentally wear the same note…all the time, “I love myself unconditionally, ” no matter how the day wears us or warps us or tugs at our once nicely fitted plans.

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