What I Learned from my Millennial Guests

Things I Learned from my Millennial Guests

I’ve enjoyed their company, but my young house guests have retreated to their busy lives and jobs. Two vibrant young couples (ages 27, 29, 31, 34) returned to two very different cities – Brooklyn, NY and Peoria, IL. Other than just plain missing them, I am left with some dispelled myths and new admiration for this often-maligned generation.

MILLENNIAL MYTH #1. They can’t communicate face to face.

Indeed, my couples were quite communicative, and especially with each other. As I listened or eavesdropped on them, it was obvious that decision making was a partner thing. This pertained to restaurant choices, what to wear, and how to get there, for example. They walked a street looking at all the menus in the window; they listened and collaborated on how much time it would take to manage O’Hare.

MILLENNIAL MYTH #2. Their food tastes are picky and expensive.

This just was not so. Rice Krispies treats reigned. This was an experiment on my part to offer low fat treats with absolutely no gourmet class. Maybe it was wrapping them individually? But they disappeared with both couples.

My couples were not heavy red meat eaters (zero to some). They were less into cocktails and more into craft beer or red wine – or water! They carried refillable water bottles across the board. A new craft beer taproom here on Chicago’s Northside drew raves. A gift of the book, Meatless Sheet Pan Dinners was discovered to add to their already very well developed cooking skills in this arena. (They roast vegetables a lot and I don’t mean just dilly potatoes.)

MILLENNIAL MYTH #3. – They have no patience for Baby Boomer lack of technology skills.

I am pleased to say that my guests were patient teachers as they taught me the following skills which I am happy to share with anyone over 50. I took notes with pencil and paper.

a. how to access a Yule Log fireplace video including crackle
b. how to add Netflix to my cable TV choices
c. how to access Emoji’s on my I-phone
d. how to use the parkchicago.com app
e. how to scroll through NPR’s “Fresh Air” interviews

MILLENNIAL MYTH #4 – They have no sense of how to dress practically.

I was very impressed with how both couples – the New Yorkers and the Peorians – were quite practical with winter dress. Less important were perfect hair and heels and “in” were stocking caps, boots, and fur hoods. In fact, I believe there is one woolen stocking cap of mine which was a stow-away back to Brooklyn due to its ugly practicality.

So, there you have it. Who would have thought these youngsters would garner such admirable traits so soon? Communication – Healthy Eating – Patience – Weather Awareness? It must be their stellar upbringing.

Cyndi Maxey
A Chicago-based speaker, coach, and author, Cyndi specializes in presentation and communication skills that drive performance. She can be reached at cmaxey@cyndimaxey.com.

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