Lake Michigan Metaphor

I walk the lake

Every day

It’s alive with life

Every day

Gulls in a row

Every day


But the last few weeks

I see these ducks

Paddling the current

Rough high waves

I fear for them

They are too small!


Next day they’re back

All safe and sound

The lake is calm

They look the same

They seem to know


I look for pairs

And there they are

They mix and mingle

Some alone and yet

They seem to know


I wonder where

they go at night

Always to return

to this mighty lake

They like it here


It can’t be easy.



…Inspired by the resiliency of the Mallard duck

– the oldest of its species.

December 2018

Cyndi Maxey
A Chicago-based speaker, coach, and author, Cyndi specializes in presentation and communication skills that drive performance. She can be reached at

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