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A. Cyndi Maxey’s Presentations

B.  Book: Speak Up! A Woman’s Guide to Presenting Like a Pro

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A. Cyndi Maxey’s Presentations

Re: Navigating the Business Social Event Arlington Heights Professional Women’s Council 9/21/11

Cyndi – Thanks again for your time and expertise!!  I think the fact that your presentations are interactive and provide concrete tips are some of the factors that set you apart as an excellent speaker!   ….Samantha Breeden, Program Chair

Re: Navigating the Business Social Event   Financial Executives International  Breakfast  8/4/11

This was well done.  Very professional

Great session.  Really good to get up and “play act” many of the networking challenges.

…Comments from attendees, FEI Career Management Breakfast

Re: Present Like a Pro “Train the Trainer” workshop 4/12/11

I can’t thank you enough for helping The National Association for Down Syndrome parent trainees begin on their journey to public speaking on the topic they feel so passionate about!!! Your presentation was well received.  You interacted beautifully with the audience and they responded positively.
Linda Smarto
Program Coordinator
National Association for Down Syndrome

Re: Fearless Facilitation for Prevention First, December 2010My team is so grateful that we were able to bring you in and they are using chapters of your book as a discussion item at each department meeting. You really made a significant impact on our work. Thank you!

Beth Glaister, MPH
Director, Professional Development
Prevention First

Re: Fearless Facilitation: ASTD International Conference 2010 – I would like to again thank you for an engaging and informative session at the May 2010 ASTD International Conference.  I enjoyed being a part of the demonstration of the panel discussion and the Larry King interview.

I left your session assured that I had added to my existing toolbox of presentation strategies.  Three things in particular stayed with me: 1) the usefulness of introducing activities gently, 2) the value of asking “What did you learn in your group?” as the entree to a debrief, and 3) interrupting an opening story as a way to cross the fourth wall.  All three tips drove home the importance of communicating safety and inclusion in an experiential classroom.

You’re a great example for other participants.  Thank you again for your work.

Mark Isabella
Isabella and Associates

Cyndi – thank you very much for a wonderful workshop on March 26, 2010.  The feedback from others there was over the top.  You created a warm, fun, safe environment in which we all felt comfortable to experiment.  Cyndi, you’ve got a rare talent – thank you for sharing it with us. Jenifer C Simson | Managing Partner | Quantum Insights, LLC

You really were spectacular and I think one of the best programs we’ve had, which is saying a lot because we’ve had some really terrific programs.Thank you so much for your fantastic presentation March 17, 2010 to the Professional Women’s Council.  I’ve heard lots of great feedback from our members about how much they got out of your presentation.  They really enjoyed the interactive parts and the story about Pearl. I would absolutely highly recommend you to any group looking for a dynamic speaker.  Jessica Gardner, Team Leader, Mary Kay Cosmetics

Many thanks to Cyndi Maxey for her presentation (“Speak UP and Stand OUT: Finding Your Influential Voice” ) at the February monthly program. Feedback from participants listed this event as “Re-energizing, engaging, fun, informative, educational, excellent, thought-provoking…” We appreciate Cyndi’s kindness of presenting this twice in one day (morning and evening) to accommodate the schedules and locations of our members.  Norma Kaplan CCASTD President 2009-2010

I attended your presentation entitled “Speak Up and Stand Out” Thursday February 18th at Roosevelt University. I was extremely impressed with your presentation, warmth and professionalism. I’m a student at Roosevelt seeking my Masters in Learning and Development and you have truly inspired me to speak up and stand out!  Pat Buckner

I wanted to follow-up yesterday’s Forum and thank-you, on behalf of the SHRP Referral Committee, for your time and for sharing your expertise on this critical topic of “Navigating the Business Social Event.”.  I for one found the information/tips accessible and valuable for my career moving forward, and the evaluations reinforce these points as well.  Adam Hellebrand and the rest of the SHRP Referral Committee

I wanted to share my feedback about Cyndi Maxey and “It’s Your Move” workshop.
This is a second training workshop that I attended, that was facilitated by Cyndi. I find Cyndi to be a very engaging presenter. Cyndi can present and illustrate the topic very well. I appreciate that she allocates the time in her class to get up and try out various techniques learned in class. This “hands on” practice is the most valuable to me. I also like that there is always time for a discussion, and for follow-up questions.  IT Staff member with National Association of Realtors, Chicago, IL

Wow – thanks so much for a wonderful day today at Loyola.  I learned  so much and freshened my presentation toolbox of knowledge.My goal was to take away one key action item and I did:  I now have  a new way of thinking about how to position and present myself to  new clients.  Product of the product and value to the audience.   Easy to remember but not so easy to articulate.  I love the  challenge.  And thanks to you, I’ve got a great start.Thanks a million. Ruthie Feinstein |  Qualitative Research & Brand Strategy Consulting

Thanks again, Cyndi, for a great program.  You made the whole process so easy and I’ve received nothing but excellent feedback”. Steve Collard, President, Healthcare Financial Management Association – Eastern Michigan Chapter

“It was great having you here last week.  Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves, in fact, I was with my friend from the Women’s Center over the weekend and she was telling our female friends about all the great tips that you gave us.  Thanks again for a great presentation.” Emily, member of Association of Northwestern University Women.

“Thank you again, Cyndi. I have had a lot of great feedback about the class and your style.  The consortium members enjoyed the day and learned so much. ” Diane, Consortium Director, BJC Healthcare, St. Louis, MO

“Thank you for providing me with valuable insights into presentation techniques that will improve my ability to convey information to my audience more effectively. I am usually so focused on getting all the information “out there”, I fail to reflect on my audience and their needs and wants before and during my presentation.  Thank you for sharing your depth of knowledge and experience with us.” Carol, BJC Healthcare, St. Louis, MO

“Thanks again for conducting such an effective workshop last Saturday at Loyola.  There was definitely a lot of learning going on.  You also modeled so well all that you were trying to teach us.”  – Catherine B. Marquis, J.D, Director, Planned Giving, Illinois Institute of Technology

“Thanks again for the great job! Hope I’m able to hear you at one of your sessions again in the future.” — Sabrina Valentine, Customer Relations Director, Markey’s Rental & Staging

“Thanks so much for presenting at our conference. You did an excellent job!!! The attendees stated that they had learned alot from your techniques.” — C. Slaba Aberdeen Area, Indian Health Services

“Thank you Cyndi for creating such an open and safe atmosphere. It was a great class. I learned a great deal in the class – much more than I realized until I started to mull things over later – one of which was the reminder to listen with “comprehension” rather than “reactively”. You enabled this.” — Gabrielle Saylor, AVP – Membership and Business Development,Membership and Marketing Communications Division, Property Casualty Insurers Association of America

“I had to take the time once again to tell you what an amazing experience this past Saturday was. I learned so many pointers that will help in my professional as well as personal communication. Before I go, just wanted to say thank you so much for the class – it was well worth every penny spent.” — Tonie Golden

“I attended your Presentation Skills for Women workshop and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for an enlightening experience. I feel certain I’ll approach future presentations with far less trepidation and much more anticipation, thanks to the information you shared today.” — Cynthia-Val Chapman

“I left the class empowered, knowing that I can utilize some other techniques to improve my openings, specifically and my overall presentation generally.” — Yvonne Owens

“I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous class. It exceeded my expectations and I plan on using many of tips you taught on an upcoming presentation at a Nursing Informatics conference.” — Christine Spisla, MSN, RN, College of American Pathologists

“I want to thank you for the consistently high quality trainings you provide for our clients. You do a great job!” — Julie, Training Coordinator, National Healthcare Benefits Provider, EAP Education

“I wanted to thank you for your presentation on how to present at the Mortgage Girlfriends conference. In all of the trainings I’ve ever had, you were the FIRST who really broke down the necessary components to making effective presentations. Thank you so much!” — Jamie Lau, WestAmerica Mortage Company

“Your dynamic closing keynote speech beautifully tied together the themes of the day. I truly appreciated how your message of not getting stuck in the middle seat reinforced the idea of rolling with the punches, looking at things with different perspectives, and maintaining a positive attitude.” — Joyce Wietricki, CCASTD President, 2006-2007

“I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things from the participants. My committee members have already started talking about having you back for next year.” — Educational Director, APIC, Washington DC

“I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed your topic on how to handle difficult situations when presenting. The information that I took away from your session was valuable and practical. It builds up my confidence when preparing for future presentations.” — Chris Han, MA candidate Industrial and Organizational Psychology, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

“You did a great job. People mentioned your session in a number of the following presentations.” — Vice President Learning, Joint Commission Resources

“I want to thank you for providing consulting sessions that were highly educational, stimulating, and enjoyable! The consultants were so very pleased with your session! Thank you for the preparation and excellent execution.” — Director, Consulting Services, Joint Commission Resources

“I could have stayed at your session all morning – you have the keen ability to read people which enhances the presenters’ learning experience and your calm demeanor is so reassuring – as a presenter, I felt a level of trust that allowed me to open up. (Um, you are the right balance between credibility and charisma!)” — Lynne Magnavite, Manager, Curriculum Delivery, Institute of Real Estate Management

“You were a hit… You were great…people loved it.” — Eleanor Wolfe, LCSW, Career Counselor, Coordinator-Jewish Vocational Services Career Connections for Professionals

“I truly enjoyed this conference. The speakers had an excellent way of conveying their knowledge to us in a very understandable, enlightening way. It also helped that they all had a good sense of humor. I also enjoyed ‘networking’ with different association workers and being part of the creative table team that rendered such a piece of art as our solution to save the association!” — Marianne Olson, Receptionist, Society of Critical Care Medicine

“Thank you for the wonderful job you did. You got high scores across the board. Everybody loved you. This was a wonderful retreat and everyone was very happy.” — Education Project Manager, MGMA, Denver Colorado

“Thank you for doing such a great job for our retreat – I couldn’t be more pleased.” — Vice President, Learning and Networking Center, healthcare management association, Denver CO

“OK, I’ve had enough time back in the CEO role, can we go back to training? I had a blast and learned a lot too. It doesn’t get any better than that. Thanks for your guidance and wisdom this weekend.” — M. Smith, hospital CEO, Florida

“I appreciate your Thinking Success Systems emails. I take a moment to reflect on each one. Much of my work revolves around leadership development and your ideas are quite applicable to much that I do and aligned with my own thinking/learning philosophy.” — John Egan, consultant, Workforce Innovations, Maryland

“Cyndi recently was a keynote speaker for our September 2005 dinner meeting. Cyndi immediately took charge of the audience and held them completely captive for her entire presentation. She has a wonderful approach and was very good at getting audience participation. Many members stopped to talk with her after her presentation and in fact some called me the next day to let the office know what a great speaker she was.” — Jackie Stinson, NAPM-Chicago, Inc.

“We had Cyndi as our dinner speaker for a very interesting talk called It’s Your Move and everyone thought she did an outstanding job. Some very interesting and difficult questions were posed for moving ahead in your life and career. We really enjoyed the presentation!” — Shannon Flint, C.P.M. (Certified Purchasing Manager), Gold Eagle Co.

“I really like your style and I like the way you made it interactive. The format made the day go fast. Thanks for everything. It was a fun conference!” — Sue Polischuk, Leadership Development Committee, Lakeland Regional Health Systems

“Thank you for an entertaining and educating day! I love the handouts. Some new idea! Some old ideas from a new slant. Glad you came and glad I came.” — Nurse Manager, Lakeland Regional Health System, St. Joe Michigan

“You were the model of what we should be doing as talented facilitators. You are a major SME, knew your content, but made sure to let everyone else shine; sharp, articulate, great ablity to think on your feet, warm/likeable, great sense of extemporaneous humor, insightful, well thought out examples, graciousness, respectful,professional, Brilliant job of working off the smarts in the room. Honored everyone’s input. I wish it had gone on for two days!” — DawnMarie Vestevich, Director of Corporate Training, Dale Carnegie Chicago

“I truly enjoyed your session and wish more people could have the exposure to what you offer, it sure would make a difference in how everyone is treated in the business world when they contact someone.” — Donna Perez, Building Permit Coordinator, Village of Beach Park

“I’m getting a lot of e-mails from conference attendees. Everyone who attended the Tuesday workshop is raving – and everyone who didn’t attend who is hearing about it, wishes they’d been there. Thank you for making the event such a success. — Meeting Planner – Health Industry Distributors Association

“The Library volunteer coordinators had our networking meeting today at my library (Lake Villa) and it was wonderful. The four of us who attended your seminar were able to share the highlights with the others and a lively, productive discussion followed that lasted almost two hours! Thanks again for your seminar – it got me thinking!” — Marilee LaMattina, Lake Villa Library

“It’s been ‘right on’ and I can tell the difference that just two sessions have made for me. Again, I am glad to recommend you to others on my staff and beyond. — Rev. M. Allen Mothershed

“Lights went on around the room. The group interaction was very informative. Cyndi hit some real nerves – activities and behaviors that need improvement.” — Robert W. Teller, CSI, CCS, CCCA

“Thank you Cyndi for an energizing keynote presentation. I like the deck of cards analogy. I really look forward to buying and reading It’s Your Move. — Dana Shapiro, Career Coach, The Youniversity

“There was not one negative response on the evaluations! Your presentation struck a chord. It was substantive yet light enough with everyday, practical examples that gave us plenty to contemplate.” — Nancy G. Fehr, Co-Chair, Annual Staff Institute Day

“I truly enjoyed your program and have enjoyed reading the book. I can see so many benefits from playing the game…I really think this book is incredible in it’s scope and application. Thank you very much for writing it and very much for having a session at ASTD.” — Cyndi Avery, AVP, Training Officer, Bankers Trust Company

“Cyndi’s value is hard to put a number to – or even words – as it is intrinsic in her. I have absolute confidence in her as an instructor/speaker as I know she is honest, ethical, intelligent, and has a gift for making people feel comfortable which gets them to open up and learn. It is the ethical beliefs that make me the most comfortable as I am confident that they guide Cyndi and who could ask for more than that in an instructor who is working with the people with whom you work.” — Kathy, Director of training for a national professional association

“Cyndi involves the participants in her presentations by sharing her real life experiences and also uses her knowledge of their situation via her pre-meeting research to promote active participation.” — Meeting planner, Insurance industry

“I could hire others who would do a good job…you do a great job. I could hire others who prepare…but they tend to prepare to look good, not solely for the benefit of the client like you do. I could also hire others who follow up, but none do it with as much forethought.” — Consultant to the medical/pharmaceutical industry

“Cyndi has a unique way of inspiring many.” — Manager, Mechanical contracting firm

“I think Cyndi brings a supportive and encouraging theme in everything she does as well as innovative ways of approaching learning needs.” — Leadership learning manager, medical center

“Cyndi Maxey is a delightful presenter who delivers information that simple and applicable to your personal and professional life. Her warm presentation style makes her sessions even more inviting. I particularly like how she focuses on “wowing” her customers by doing valuable research upfront and then offering timely follow up to ensure that she has met their objectives.” — VP Human resources, financial services firm

“Your speech was very inspiring and touching. I’m looking forward to reading your book.” — Maggie, Corprorate Communications Center, Inc.

“Your presentation at the OBACCI luncheon was very inspiring .I have had the opportunity to listen to several speakers over the course of my career and you are up there with the best. It is obvious you are good at what you do. If you know of anyone who is buying a home or needs to refinance, please give them my number. I am good at what I do too.” — Mark Karambelas, Charter One Bank

“Your presentation was fantastic! I’m interested to read your book to learn more ways to increase my journey in happiness!” — Stephanie Olson, Owner,

“Many thanks for the high energy and insights you brought to the Chapter Advancement Team training meeting. It was a perfect mix of hands-on and feedback. The evals were all very positive.” — Eileen M. Crow, CAE, Director, Chapter Relations, HFMA

“Wow! The feedback was – no surprise – very good. The group was all very appreciative, stating that you were both an ‘inspiration’, ‘incredible women.’ Thank you so much for your time, talents and energy!” — Donald Sandel, Training Director, IPC International Convener: Ongoing Learning Group, CCASTD, Chicago, IL

“I have received many positive comments from your panel discussion and I know you were all instrumental in assisting the attendees in sorting through and certainly understanding the process of creating and publishing a book. You all provided valuable insight, professionalism and honesty in describing your process and your successes. Please accept our sincere thanks from the Board at ACP International for an excellent presentation.” — Nancy Messervey, ACP International Chicago Program Committee Co-chair

“Thanks so much for presenting your optimistic views and solutions to the St. Mary Employment Support Ministry. The feedback we received from the participants as well as the staff was all very positive.” — John R. Narcissi, AT&T Wireless

“I’ve known Cyndi Maxey for years. She’s a great speaker and trainer. When the resources of our firm were stretched because the client needed more concurrent sessions than we had the staff to provide, we asked Cyndi to join our team. As we expected, the client never knew Cyndi was a contractor and she lived up to our client’s high expectation level.” — Stan Piskorski, Corporate Dynamics Inc. Naperville, Illinois

“I am in the business of training people. It is always refreshing and exciting to see how others perform in the same profession, especially when they are as helpful as Cyndi Maxey. After attending her program, I discovered nearly instantaneous success. She gave me advice that helped immensely. I am convinced that my business will reach a new level of success as a result of the brief time I invested in her presentation.” — Rick Davis, President, The Leaders Group

“Your program both enlightened and entertained…a great success.” — Teresa Peavy, Director Chapter Affairs, Dietary Managers Association

“You were both wonderful. You were both interesting, knowledgeable and a delight to listen to. You did a fantastic job. As patrons left, they told me how much they enjoyed the presentation. This program was very special.” — Michelle Shapiro, Program and Special Events Coordinator, Indian Trails Public Library District

“I was pleased with the turnout and surprised by the unusual cross section of people who attended … cross functional, various levels within the company, a number of managers and above, and good diversity! I have talked with several people personally and I think the program did a lot of what I wanted…and that was to get people to recognize “It’s MY move!” — Patricia Warren, Human Resources, Fujisawa Healthcare

“Thank you for your talk. I received many comments yesterday about how good you were.” — Scott Fishkin

“I enjoyed your speech. It was a much needed topic for today’s economy. With the War and the poor economy this is a time of trepidation for business owners; it’s easy to lose confidence and momentum at times like these. However, I agree with you that it can sometimes be an opportunity for change.” — Rita Cangialosi, Artistic Web Design

“I really enjoyed your excellent presentation. Thanks again for a great session, and I hope to see you at other SITE events.” — Mary Jo Burfeind, Principal, Performance Consultant Performance Strategies, Inc.

“You were a big hit at our conference. Thank you for the informative and engaging Cyndi Maxey experience!” — SITE Conference Chair

“The conference was a success due to such great speakers as you … thank you so much for speaking about recruiting, motivating, and retaining volunteers. I took what you said to our Golf Outing Committee so we could get more help.” — Scott, Board member IAPD

“There was not one negative response on the evaluations! That has to be a first. Your presentation struck a chord. It was substantive yet light enough with everyday, practical examples that gave staff plenty to contemplate.” — Nancy G. Fehr, Training Specialist and Co-Chair Annual Staff Institute Day 2002, Arlington Heights Library, Arlington Heights, IL

“I enjoyed your session and found it to be beneficial.” — MaryBeth Jones, Staff Enrichment, WDSRA

“I attended your breakout session at NSA on training, consulting, etc. I wanted to THANK YOU for the information you shared and the EXCELLENT handout you provided. I’ve been in business 3 years doing PM Training and Consulting. My business is thriving, and yet, the information you provided was terrific! Thanks for taking your time and being willing to share such valuable information. I truly appreciated it!” — Denise DeCarlo, Mindavation, Inc.

“Thank you for an excellent presentation.” — Barbara Fillicaro, M.A., Knowledge Architect

“Thanks again for a really dynamic meeting. I have been hearing very positive feedback! I think this will be most beneficial to all who attended. ” — Cathy Zalusky, Operations Manager, FCI

“You put on an ‘awesome’ seminar for us.” — Dennis Portney, RBD Manager. Computer Associates. Chicago, IL

“You must have been reading our minds because we’ve had issues with various staff and they took away some things they can improve upon. We’re very pleased.” — Dan, Cath Lab Manager, suburban hospital.

“A heartfelt thanks for your valuable presentation for Leadership Oak Brook. All of us learned so much through your insight and passion for your work. You truly are a professional speaker and trainer. We appreciate the variety of resources you drew from and your ability to engage each member of the class while focusing on the purpose of the program.” — Kris Fay, OBACI Professional Development Committee Chair; Coordinator, Business Programming, College of DuPage/Business & Professional Institute

“You have done a great job with our folks. Universally the reports have been positive and very favorable towards your style and contributions.” — John J. Greisch, CEO, FleetPride Corporation

“Attendees have consistently rated Cyndi’s classes with high scores and enjoy the interactive style of teaching and learning. NAR looks forward to continuing a training relationship.” — Amy Maxson, Training Coordinator, National Association of Realtors

“It is a pleasure to work with a supplier who is as professional as Cyndi Maxey. Her program receives high evaluations each time. Ms. Maxey has been added to our ‘preferred supplier’ listing.” — Mary Sue Uebelhor, Director Training & Development, Kimball International

“I got a lot out of your HRD Institute session.” — Johnny Campbell, Speaker

“Thanks again for a fine seminar. I think we’ve relayed to you how favorable the evaluations were – and there were lots more than we normally see. A lot of people got a lot from your seminar.” — Joe M., American Dental Association

“The institute was wonderful – I thoroughly enjoyed our day together. I only wish I were as outgoing and energetic as you are!” — Gail Valentine, Educator

“She has made a significant contribution by developing the confidence and ability of new managers. Cyndi is a highly talented, committed professional. We are proud to be associated with her.” — Jan Magnuson, Senior Training Consultant, Discover Financial Services

“If I learn of other groups who express interest in a great speaker, I’ll be sure to give them your number.” — Harvey M. Daniels, Co-Founder, Technical Recruiters Network & Staffing Manager, American Medical Association

“Thank you for helping to make our conference a success. I’ll certainly recommend you if asked for good speakers.” — Kathy Kelso, Alamar Performance Learning Inc. & Chair, CIASTD Fall Forum 2001

“Cyndi is always just great. I’ve never seen a bad evaluation for Cyndi.” — Patricia Campbell, CMP, Education and Meetings Manager, Association Forum of Chicagoland.

“As a presenter, Ms. Maxey was highly effective in communicating key points and in providing the audience with opportunities to work on their own communication needs.” — Kurt A. Krueger, Trainer, National Futures Association

“We received excellent reviews both on the content of the seminar and her presentation style.” — Julie Snyder, Client Service Manager, The Choice for Staffing

“Wonderful heartfelt down to earth program.” — Kathleen Allen, Allstate

“I needed this! The lifeline concept made me realize I can be so much more grateful for positive aspects in my life.” — Christine Taylor, World Connect

“Very helpful ideas about thinking about our lives.” — Michael Wilson, technical recruiter

“Very thought provoking.” — Claudine Trudeau, Divine.

“It was such a pleasure to hear you speak at the CIASTD conference in Indianapolis. You were truly a delight to listen to and I now understand why the CSP designation is so coveted.” — David G. Lewis, President, Lewis Consulting Group, Inc.

“I think that Cyndi’s style is one that is very relaxed and not intimidating to her audience. She encourages participation and listens very well to what people are saying. She shows a true interest and concern in what she is doing and how it is relating to the individuals, not just the group as a whole.” — Violet Alm, World Distribution Services, Elk Grove Village, Illinois

“Cyndi is able to encourage all people to participate, and she accepts what is said.” — WDS participant

“She allowed the people in the seminar to try and think outside the box and see that most people are motivated by different reasons.” — WDS participant

“Cyndi always makes our seminars fun. The fact that we are able to participate and express our feelings on certain subjects makes it more fun and interesting. She does a great job always and I can’t wait to see her here again. She is a great asset to our company and helps us to all work together and understand each other better.” — WDS participant

“I love your style.” — Lynne St. Joseph’s Hospital, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

“I want to take a moment to express my appreciation to you for sharing your expertise in doing  presentations.  Thank you for being a good role model and making it “safe” to learn.” Jodell C. Nowicki  LCPC, Service Manager, Lutheran Life Communities

B.  Our book, Speak Up! (St. Martin’s Press/NYC 2008)

Speak Up! A Woman’s Guide to Presenting Like a Pro by Cyndi Maxey and Kevin O’Connor

I thought SPEAK UP was amazing! Such a helpful tool for women in the workplace. I’ve passed it around to quite a few friends whom I’m sure echo my praise. Thank you for your important work…Madalyn Kenney, Development & Database Manager

From “Speak Up” “Top Ten Tips”. Number ten, “Have the courage to think about the audience and not about you” is great insight. This made me think about how many audiences may have picked up on my nervousness in the past. So in this case “focusing on their needs” can also help relieve my nervousness. After all, one reason for nervousness is a desire to effectively deliver information that benefits the audience after the presentation. Even though this book is marketed towards women I benefited in this case too! …Tony Malloy, A.M. Professional Development

Filled with tips on how to be poised and effective when speaking to a group, Speak Up! Presents ideas that work especially well for women. Whether you’re speaking up at a group meeting at work or at your children’s parent-teacher meeting, you’ll learn practical advice on how to be poised and effective. Based on their extensive experience as communication consultants for corporate clients, the authors roved valuable practical tools for speaking with assurance, confidence, and grace in both work and social situations. Some key points are:

·         Understand formal and informal networks of influence in order to gain cooperation.

·         Build relationship bridges so that you are liked for your interest in others, respected for your knowledge and authority, and trusted for your reliability to follow through on your word.

·         See resistance and criticism as a rope between you and the other person. Instead of pulling apart, draw closer

·         Plan presentations and keynote talks with aplomb.

This book is an in-depth distillation of tips on approaching both formal and informal communications in a professional way. From avoiding common traps women fall into, noting the differences between female and male audiences, and developing business relationships to giving a memorable presentation, the authors’ tips are tailored to assure women successful communication in any situation. –Jean S.  ( Saturday, 21 March 2009 )

There is much helpful guidance and many helpful examples.  What sticks with me is the emphasis on “preparation” and getting to know as much about your audience in advance as possible.  “Speak Up” also offers good information on getting the audience involved in the presentation.  I like the quotes from professionals that are incorporated into the book too.   – Sandra Lehner

Received my copy of your new book yesterday.  I love it!  I think it is an easy read that is also full of powerful insights and great ideas that will help every professional woman I know.  Congrats!  – Jane Esparza, owner Esparza Speakers

C. Our book, Present Like a Pro (St. Martin’s Press/NYC 2006)

Your book continues to be a go-to resource.  I give numerous presentations for work and I can’t tell you how much implementing items you and Kevin suggest has helped, specifically in regards to “creating connections” with the audience. -Audra A Thomas, PharmD, Sr. Medical Science Liaison

I really got some great pointers from you. I have enjoyed your book and learned  a great deal. Jim Laubach, Speaker University

‘Your  book has been a great text for my Presentation Skills class at Walhalla HS. I’m using it every semester’.  – John Fallon

“I have been speaking weekly and your book has been extremely beneficial to my business.”  – Mary Beth Huffman, IMPACT Marketing and Public Relations –

“I want to thank you and Kevin for producing a value adding book. My father gave me your book as a Christmas present, and it has enhanced my speaking delivery. I particularly like your points about audience centric research, and performing lessons learned analysis by collecting feedback from audience members. My employer is China’s first Olympic sponsor. As a result I have the opportunity to deliver speeches to over 70 corporate visitors. Your insights have helped my work”.  – Cory Grenier, Product Marketing Management, Greater China Lenovo Group, Beijing, China

“Highlighted and full-of-notes, Present Like a Pro has found a cherished home in my library. Your insights and encouragement continue to enrich my professional life.” — Toby Causby, Leadership and Teambuilding Consultant, Chicago

“Your book is an easy read, yet full of practical insights. It makes me think about my message in ways I had not considered before. Thanks for being so practical and inspiring.” – Keith Pye, Speaker and Participant in NSA-Illinois’ Speaker University 2008-2009, Chicago

A “Thank You” note for your book.  I’ve got to tell you that I have found it to be very useful and easy to navigate.  I carry it with me and study it frequently.I just thought I would pass this bit of gratitude on. Marlin Keesler, Speaker and Participant in NSA-Illinois’ Speaker University 2008-2009, Chicago