Featured Comments

“I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things from the participants. My committee members have already started talking about having you back for next year.” — Educational Director, APIC, Washington DC

“Thank you for the wonderful job you did. You got high scores across the board. Everybody loved you. This was a wonderful retreat and everyone was very happy.” — Education Project Manager, MGMA, Denver Colorado

“…you have the keen 
ability to read people which enhances the presenters’ learning experience and your calm demeanor is so reassuring – as a presenter, I felt a level of trust that allowed me to open up. — Manager, Curriculum Delivery, Institute of Real Estate Management

“I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous class. It exceeded my expectations and I plan on using many of tips you taught on an upcoming presentation at a Nursing Informatics conference.” — MSN, RN, College of American Pathologists

In all of the workshops I’ve ever had, you were the FIRST who really broke down the necessary components to making effective presentations. Thank you so much!” — West America Mortgage Company

Your dynamic closing keynote speech beautifully tied together the themes of the day. I truly appreciated how your message of not getting stuck in the middle seat reinforced the idea of looking at things with different perspectives…” — CCASTD President, 2006-2007