Question #1:

Do you manage or work with someone who is great technically but who just can’t seem to perform profitably in front of groups?

Customers and coworkers are talking, but this person just doesn’t seem to be able to change old habits.

This person has intelligent ideas, but nobody knows because they’re never organized or delivered in a way that people can use and remember.

Question #2:

Do you collaborate with a team member who holds back creative process and progress due to poor interpersonal skills?

Team meetings are too long and nothing seems to get done due to defensiveness, old habits, and lack of communication.

This person doesn’t seem to be aware of how behaviors effect the rest of the group.

Question #3:

Do you manage people without achieving the results you want?

Your team seems to work well with you and they do their jobs dependably, but you know you’re not reaching real talents, skills, and motivations because productivity is down.

You’ve attended both graduate school and every management class you can internally and at conferences; you can’t seem to pinpoint the problem.

Answer …

A communication and performance expert who skillfully drives others to profitable performance, Cyndi will consult with you to design a coaching program for people who are great communicators … as yet to be discovered! Through analysis, interviewing, feedback, and customization, she will work with you, the learner, and the organization to design a complete one on one program to build skills and increase productivity.

A strategy of pre-coaching consulting, pre-work, face-to-face and telephone conferencing, video practice, observation, email follow-up and post-coaching upholds visible and valuable skill building in presentations and interpersonal skills. Cyndi’s books and articles provide the expertise, examples, and tools to guide the learner to successful performance. When you or your team work with Cyndi as your personal coach, you are truly working with a pro!